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Our Facilities


Our technical facilities are specifically set up to deliver R&D, testing and training services to the civil nuclear and defence sectors. Located in Lancashire and Berkshire, these facilities are used to develop and prove solutions in a safe environment prior to site implementation.

Check out the information below to find out more about our extensive and varied facilities.

High Bay, Chorley

The High Bay was designed and built to house full-scale testing rigs. It is fully equipped with water, electrical and compressed air services and is capable of housing test rigs up to 15 metres in height that contain a variety of heavy-duty equipment at a wide range of loads. Serviced by a 20-tonne overhead gantry crane, the High Bay is an ideal location for the construction of full-scale test beds from which underpinning works or integrated works testing can be conducted.

Low Bay, Chorley

The Low Bay is connected directly to our head office, Scientia House, and includes a 12.5-tonne overhead gantry crane, compressed air, water and electrical supplies. It has housed a number of R&D rigs and currently holds a large-scale sludge manufacturing plant, 250-litre grout plant, 500-litre scale in-drum mixing rig, 3m3 large liner mixing rig, IONSIV cartridge filling rig, screeder and a 33m3 temperature and humidity-controlled sample store. The Low Bay is an ideal facility for testing concepts at a smaller scale ready for scale up to full size.

Analytical Laboratory, Chorley

Fully equipped with modern equipment, our analytical laboratory is available for project experimentation and laboratory-scale trials work. Staffed by a team of qualified consultants and technicians, the laboratory provides scientific testing and formulation underpinning in a controlled environment. The laboratory is furnished with testing equipment to measure shear strength, viscosity, pH, turbidity, particle size distribution, particle density and setting. This allows the laboratory team to provide conclusive and thorough testing of substances on site with accurate results.

D1, Chorley

The D1 facility is a self-contained unit connected to the High Bay and is home to a fully outfitted welding bay and mechanical workshop. This allows for small mechanical tasks to be carried out on site with a fast turnaround and is also used for minor repair and maintenance tasks for the entire site. Staffed by a team of experienced mechanical engineers and technicians, the use of this workshop allows for components to be removed from systems quickly for strip down and maintenance, fault diagnostics and repair.

Training Centre, Aldermaston

Our training centre in Aldermaston offers a fully fitted pressurised breathing air suit (PBAS) training area that includes a modular containment unit with communications, video and radiological surveillance, providing a safe and clean simulated training environment. Our facility enables operatives and their health physics counterparts to maintain skills and prepare for a specific operation within a safe simulated environment before applying their learning to a contaminated area on site, mitigating risk to both operations and operatives.

Unit 31, Aldermaston

Unit 31 is a hub for off-site quality assurance and product testing. This includes electrical and mechanical assembly and testing as an easier and safer alternative to performing all works on site prior to installation. Recently furnished with heavy-duty assembly benches and larger testing areas, the capability of Unit 31 has reached its full potential, with more substantial build and test work being undertaken in a controlled and regulated manner. The upstairs meeting room, suitable for up to 16 occupants, is also complemented with two large workshop viewing windows. The main office is used to monitor goods inwards and manage assembly works and logistics between our suppliers, clients and site installation team, ensuring quality measures are constantly met.

Unit 34, Aldermaston

Unit 34 is the latest addition to our premises in Youngs Industrial Estate. With the demand on Unit 31 growing, Unit 34 was acquired for the medium to long-term storage of project deliverables. This facility is segregated from the day-to-day operations of Unit 31 and is staffed by our dedicated stores team to prevent unescorted access. All components are securely stored on heavy-duty racking and their locations are logged in an inventory to enable us to pin the exact position of each product for each project.