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We have been researching and developing waste management solutions for the nuclear industry since our inception over 40 years ago. Aided by our purpose-built technical facilities, our highly experienced scientists and engineers can deliver R&D to support all stages of the project lifecycle.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Desktop studies, such as horizon scanning, data analysis and technology research
  • Technology investigations to inform problem definition and provide underpinning to proposed solutions
  • Proof of concept trials at laboratory and pilot scale through to full scale
  • Investigation and increase of technology readiness levels (TRL) as solutions develop and mature, as well as TRL validation trials and underpinning
  • Simulant definition and manufacture to support trials

Our pragmatic approach to R&D means we can consider a diverse range of issues that span the wide spectrum of challenging wastes encountered by the UK nuclear sector. Our experts are pioneers in the development of wet waste sampling, retrieval and processing technologies. These technologies can be adapted to a wide range of challenges, validated at our facilities and tested prior to site deployment. This, combined with our solid waste mechanical handling expertise, allows us to address all aspects of nuclear waste management.

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Our waste management capability is strengthened by our unique expertise in nuclear waste solidification and encapsulation. Our scientists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the application of cementitious and polymeric materials. We are recognised as the leading expert in this field, which is evidenced by an impressive portfolio of R&D projects.